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Conference 2003 - Provisional Program

Australasian Sound Recordings Association Conference

"Sound on Film"
State Records Office, Sydney
9-11 July 2003

held at State Records Office, Level 3, 66 Harrington St, The Rocks, Sydney

Wednesday, 9th July, 2003

8.00 Registration

  • Welcome and Official Opening
  • ASRA President, Kevin Bradley
  • Robert French, Director, Audio-Visual Preservation (NAA)
  • Keynote Speaker: Dominic Case (ATLAB), "Mistaken Identity"

10.30 Morning Tea

11:00 Film Sound and the Collections

(Panel Chair: Simon Drake)

  • Panel: Sound on Film in the Collections
    James McCarthy, Bob Pymm or Nick Weare (SSA)
    and Robyn Gamble (Project Manager for A/V Preservation NAA)
  • Kim Dalton (Chief Executive Officer, Australian Film Commission), "ScreenSound Australia and the Australian Film Commission

12.30 Lunch

2.00 Convergent Technology and Divergent Standards (Chair: Greg Moss, SSA)

  • Ian Gilmour (SSA), "Future Formats, Storage and Re-combining Sound in Data Form with the Image"
  • Mathew Davies and Kerrie Ruth (SSA), "Orphan Sounds"
  • Wayne Baptist (Sony Music),"Film Sound Track to Surround"

3.30 Afternoon Tea

4.00 Historical Aspects of Sound for Film and Television Panel

(Panel Chair: Bruce Leonard)

  • Panel: Peter Fenton (Motion Picture Sound Mixer),
    John Mitchell ("Cinerama" Enthusiast) and Neville Thiele (Consulting Engineer)

5.00 Close

Thursday, 10th July, 2003

9.00 ASRA Annual General Meeting

  • Agenda to be distributed.

11.00 Morning Tea

11.30 Alice Moyle Lecture (Chair: Kevin Bradley, NLA)

  • Brett Galt-Smith, Former Research Director, Strehlow Research Centre, Alice Springs, NT.
    Brett will talk about the Strehlow Research Centre, issues surrounding access to indigenous material, the sound holdings at the Strehlow Research Centre and how Strehlow used sound on his films.

12.30 Lunch

2.00 Film Sound and Meaning (Chair: Shelly Grant, NLA)

  • Jeff Brownrigg (SSA), "Uncivilized Music: Aboriginal Australia's Singing Tarzan"
  • Bruce Yeices (University of Wollongong), "Frenzy of the Audible: Local Talkie Technology in the Australian Cinema, 1924-1932"
  • Marilyn Dooley (SSA), "The Cheaters from Silent toSound"

3.30 Afternoon Tea

4.00 Contemporary Issues and Aspects of Sound for Film and Television

(Panel Chair: David Noakes, SSA)

  • Panel: Bruce Emery, Ian McLoughlin, Chris McKeith

5.00 Close

7.00 Conference Dinner - ARENA, 212 Bent St, Fox Studios Australia, Moore Park

Friday, 11th July, 2003

9.00 Film Preservation, Field Recording and Film Sound (Chair: Neville Thiele)

  • Wanda Lazar and Danny Roberts (SSA), "Towards Excellence in Filmsound Preservation"
  • Tony Murtagh, "Sound Tracks and Field Recordings"

10.30 Morning Tea

11.00 Towards the Future from the Past - Sound on Film (Chair: Peter Shaw)

  • Greg Moss (SSA), "Towards One Long Image: Current and Emerging Approaches to the Replay and Restoration of Motion Picture Soundtracks"
  • Simon Murphy (EMTEC), "The (Immeadiate) Future of Tape Manufacture"
  • Bob Connor, (Former Engineering Manager for Magnatech Australia and Manager of ABC Television Audio),"The Technological Development of Film Sound"

12.30 Lunch

2.00 Film Sound, Music and Composition (Chair: Leon Becker)

  • James McCarthy, "The Recording of Music (and the Subsequent Editing and Mixing of Films) at Film Australia between 1955 and 1986"
  • Peter Best, "One Generation's Glib Certainty is Another Generation's Cheap Laughs"
  • Di Napthali, "Music in the Silent Film Era and Beyond: The Australian Experience"

3.30 Afternoon Tea

4.00 Sound and Film - Film Screenings (with an emphasis on Sound)

  • Film and film excerpts including:
    • Bluto, the launch of ABC TV,
    • a 1927 Nellie Melba recording, and
    • a 1949 version of Fritz Lang's Metropolis, edited for Australian release by W G Pearson and with a unique soundtrack produced in Australia and credited to the Queen's Hall Light Orchestra

5.00 Close



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