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Conference 2006 - Preliminary Program

Australasian Sound Recordings Association Conference

National Film and Sound Archive, Canberra.
23rd August 2006 - 25th August 2006

Conference will be held in the NFSA Theatrette, McCoy Cct, Acton, ACT

Day One Wednesday August 23

08:30 Registration

09:15 Welcome (ASRA President Kevin Bradley)

09:30 Keynote Address - Anne Dunn (Chair of the Department of Media and Communications,University of Sydney)

10:30 Morning Tea

11:00 Session 1 “Listening, Art and Archives” (Chair: Matthew Davies)

  • Somaya Langley “What Art We Listening To”
  • Michelle Outram and Stephen Adams “Using Archival Material - Who Is Speaking?”
  • Ian Blake “Pulling Focus”

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Session 2 “Listening to Cinema” (Chair: Marilyn Dooley)

  • Ray Edmondson “Pay As You Exit”
  • Andrew Pike “Filming Chifley - Hear What They Say”
  • Rebecca Coyle - title TBC

15:00 Afternoon Tea

15:30 Session 3 “Listening, Language, Culture” (Chair: Mary Miliano)

  • Peter Read
  • Grace Koch “The Alice Moyle Website”
  • Johanna Rendle-Short

Day Two Thursday August 24

08:30 Registration

09:15 The Alice Moyle Lecture presented by Joe Gumbula

10:30 Morning Tea

11:00 Session 4 “Listening to the World” (Chair: Somaya Langley)

  • Virginia Madsen “New propositions and spaces for listening: reflections on the art of wild sound recording, radio documentaire de creation and the birth of the filme sonore.”
  • Tony McGregor (TBC)
  • Anthony Magen “Many Facets of Sound Walks

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Sound Walk

Anthony Magen will lead the conference delegates on a sound walk of approx. 1 hour, followed by a debrief and group discussion.

15:00 Afternoon Tea

15:30 Session 5 “Listening and Learning” (Chair: James McCarthy)

  • Barbara Blackman “Tether and Reins - Portrait of a Listener”
  • Karl Neunfeldt “Learning to Listen When There is Too Much To Hear”
  • Peter Moses “Louder! A Brief Look at the Loudness Culture in Audio”

19:00 The ASRA Conference Dinner, Vivaldi’s Restaurant

Day Three Friday August 25

08:30 Registration

09:00 Session 6 “Listening to Collections” (Chair: Bruce Skilton)

  • Jennifer Gall “Translating the Tradition - The Many Lives of Green Bushes”
  • Adrian Barker “Among Living Sounds: A Musician’s Experience with Archival Recordings.”
  • Lindy Bohrnsen & Peter Kolomitsev (SLSA) “Opportunity knocks: but can a quiet place for digital audio archiving result from the noise of a major building redevelopment?”
  • Matthew Davies “Public Recognition for our Sound Heritage”

10:45 Morning Tea

11:00 ASRA Annual General Meeting and Election of Officers
(NFSA Conference Room)

12:30 Lunch

13:30 A & AV Presentaions: The remainder of day three is devoted to presentation of audio or audiovisual recordings relevant to the themes and topics of the conference. All presenters and delegates are encouraged to provide recordings or identify relevant material from the NFSA collection to be played. The conference convenor will program the session based on consensus, or failing consensus by benign dictatorship.

15:00 Afternoon Tea




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