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ASRA Conference 2007

Australasian Sound Recordings Association Conference

“The Art of Audio” at
The National Film & Sound Archive, Melbourne
15th to 17th of August 2007

Conference will be held in the Board Room at the NFSA
Level 1, 144 Moray St, South Melbourne, Victoria.

Conference Registration Form

2007 Preliminary Program

Abstracts and Bios

“ There’s not a problem that I can’t fix, ‘cos I can do it in the mix”. – Indeep, ‘ Last Night a DJ saved my Life ’

Audio recordings, held in collections of every type, are artistic statements in their own right. The aesthetic of a recording says almost as much as the content. Our sound heritage is the work of sound recordists, social historians, audio engineers, record producers, musicians, ethnographers, oral historians, linguists, sound artists, radio broadcasters, DJs, and designers of instruments and equipment. How are their skills perceived? Are they creating an artwork or practicing a craft, which requires certain technical knowledge and skills? What turns a recording into an aesthetic experience? Is recording an art form?

Speakers will include professionals from the radio, audio production, music and sound archiving industries, plus representatives from academia, the arts and private collectors. ASRA’s membership includes professionals from the archiving institutions, collectors and all those interested in Australia’s recorded sound collections.

The theme of this conference will be of interest to field recordists, oral historians, broadcasters, musicians, composers, DJs, record producers, theorists, curators, collection managers, preservation specialists, musicologists, forensic audio specialists, ethnographers and historians.

Call For Papers

The conference theme is the art and aesthetics of sound recordings. Papers are sought on any subject relevant to audio and collections.

Papers should be approximately 20 minutes in length and will be considered for publication in the ASRA journal. Speakers are encouraged to include audio presentations as part of their papers.

Please forward your abstract to:

Maryanne Doyle, Conference Convenor.
Ph: 03 96855805 Or Email at
by June 15, 2007.

The conference will explore topics including:

  • How have people driven the development of the art of audio?
  • The impact of technology on how audio is experienced.
  • Does technology enable or constrain the art of audio?
  • What has been the impact of technology on the development of musical instruments?
  • How are changes in technology affecting broadcasting?
  • What does the art of audio mean to oral history?
  • Archiving sound in a time of ubiquitous cheap recording equipment.
  • Technological developments affecting the collection and preservation of sound recordings.
  •  The fashion for retro – tapes and discs are back? Did they ever go away?
  • Is there an aesthetic for ethnographic field recording?
  • The art of the soundscape recording.

“ A record is a world. It is the world scratched by man in a form that may survive him.” – Evan Eisenberg, ‘The Recording Angel’ 1987.


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