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Australasian Sound Archive
(a.k.a. ASRA Journal)

No. 18/19 - Autumn/Spring, 1995

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ASRA Journal

Ken Berryman
A Profile of the National Film and Sound Archive's Melbourne Office

David C. F. Rentz
Nature Sounds

Brendan Horgan
"Once Upon a Wireless" Project - An Update

Ray Edmondson et al
Towards defining AV Terms

Mary Miliano
IASA (International Association of Sound Archives) Cataloguing Rules

Lynne Murphy
When I Was aYoung Actress Starting Out in Radio

Dianne Napthali
Music for the Movies - An Overview: Part 1

Douglas Hassall
Music and the Gramophone - The Contributions of Two Eminent Commonwealth Officers

Kenneth Hince
Book Review: Lyrebird Rising; Louise Hanson-Dyer of l'Oiseau Lyre 1884 - 1962

Ronald White
Gramophone Gleanings from Jim Davidson's biography of Louise Hanson Dyer (review in this issue)

Errata, Spring 1994 Issue


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